Welcome to the Tuniac media player guide V1.11

About this guide

This guide is for all the people that get lost in the butterfly garden that is called Tuniac. This guide is in its early development, so there will be changes to it to further improve the information you can get from it.

About Tuniac

You may ask yourself, what is Tuniac exactly about. We sure did! With some players neglected to lay on a shelf collecting an inch of dust and with no real player that fitted our needs, we decided that it was time for us to get of our lazy asses and make one of our own. With that in mind a hobbyist team was put together which is building their sometimes crazy ideas into a player that seriously rocks. Before the team could however, it had to kidnap an already existing player. This player was Tuniac, founded by audiophile Tony Million. The player has undergone some big changes. Where one player is overloaded with useless features and the other has a very low quality of sound output, this one has a great sound and for now, well... really not that many features. Even with that burden still lying on the teams shoulder it is time to get your hands on Tuniac and give it a whirl.

The project is now taken further by this hobbyist team which is dedicated to bring you the best possible features in one great media player.

For more information about this player you can visit our butterfly headquarters or take a further look at this guide.