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Visualizations for Tuniac

Post by RaulTuniac »

One cool little feature is its ability to display graphic visual effects in sync with the selected audio being played. There are many different visuals to choose from, with the selection provided by clicking on the graphic (when displayed in the interface). It can remain in the interface or go fullscreen mode, and you have a choice between the Tuniac Visualizer or the Sonique (SVP) Visual plugin by default.
Cosmic Scope
(85.65 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Name: Cosmic Scope
Author: Robert Wenzel (CoR)
Download: ... d.dll/file
Tony's Basic Visual
(19.45 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Name: Tony's Basic Visualizer
Author: Tony
Download: ... n.dll/file
(8.14 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Name: Rabbit Hole
Author: Feldspar
Download: ... 0.dll/file
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Re: Visualizations for Tuniac

Post by Brett »

Hi RaulTuniac.

The newer Rabbit Hole 1.0 is in the latest Tuniac releases but the Cor and Tony Basic visuals no longer work in current releases.

1)Cor and Tony Basic visuals crash because Tony or Blur added mouse functions to Tuniac Visuals but did not add a check for if visual support the function.
So now Visuals that do not support mouse functions crash, eg Cor and Tony Basic visual. This is somewhat trivial to work around but it would not make those old visuals work anyway due to the next point.

2)Cor and Tony Basic visual can not interact with the Tuniac audio data any more. Tuniac now uses byte aligned memory for that section so it can use SSE instructions. That change separates visuals made for old and new Tuniac.
The only real fix would be to undo the change and I do not want to do that. So these 2 visuals unfortunately will no longer work.

Unfortunately I do not have the source to the Cor visual to fix the issues.
The Tony Basic visual lives on in an updated form in modern Tuniac releases.

I have put together an old Tuniac that can play mp3's and has the 2 old visuals that no longer work.

Tuniac 30th March 2005 rebuilt in 2022:
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