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Tuniac 160620

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Jun, 2016
-expose Disc Num
-textOutput_Plugin for text dumps of artist/ablums
-ML should return INVALID_PLAYLIST_INDEX not NULL for invalid ID's as 0 is a valid ID
-Queue should return INVALID_PLAYLIST_INDEX not NULL.
-Fix loading of queues.
-Fix history menu when RepeatAllQueued is on.
-If queue fails to reload with RepeatAllQueued set to RepeatNone.
-Queue clear should change RepeatAllQueued to RepeatNone
-Show shuffle and repeat mode on status bar.
-Add Queue, Soft Pause and Pause Here to play states shown on status bar.
-Update guide for hotkeys and commandline
-move noplayingtxt plugin hotkey from win+Numpad- (collides with popup notify) to win+Numpad*
-add softpause global hotkey
-rebuildfuturemenu for random next
-update main menu short keys.
-Change menu "Clear Scheduled Pause" to "Clear Pause Here"
-Better vc redist locations
-cleanup non-sse code aka unused

Apr, 2016
-bass and basswma update
-update to vs c++ 2015 update 2
-remove old download dll

http://sourceforge.net/projects/tuniac/ ... ac/160620/
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