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Tuniac 121206

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:23 am
by Brett
Dec, 2012
-Show currently playing follows while filtering
-prevent crashes caused by referencing objects that may not exist yet
-prevent crash from bass_Plugin if Tuniac starts with Stream loaded
-fix moving files to last playlist position
-add auto skip streams preference to skip Tuniac play logic picking streams
-increase preference window size
-tidy preference windows
-dont reset audio when playback fails
-change setup scripts to download Direct X XAudio 2.7 and VC 2012 runtimes if required
-tidy up setup scripts
-handle default audio device change (eg HDMI switching)
-better core audio reset (resume playback)
-pretty resource names (task manager "Tuniac Media Player" instead of tuniacapp.exe)
-libpng 1.6 instead of picopng
-simplify art loading code
-update about window
-fix zlib linking in taglib
-save id3v2.3.0 instead of id3v2.4.0 for better Windows 7 and below explorer support ... ac/121206/