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Tuniac 180313

Post by Brett »

Mar, 2018
-add playlist id to history menu so history keeps track of where a song was played from, instead of just playing from ML playlist.
-update text in installer to show 2017 instead of 2015
-move queue and history to pl db 0.9

Feb, 2018
-allow soft pause and queue's across playlists
(add playlist id for playlists, store playlist id for entries in soft pause and queues, pl db 0.8 to store playlist id in various areas)
-optimize startup to not rebuild playlists needlessly
-other general code cleanups
(fixes future queue bugs, fixes highlight of active playlist after move/delete etc, fixes loading of soft pause)
-add button to launch tuniac.org in about window
-bass and basshls update


http://sourceforge.net/projects/tuniac/ ... ac/180313/

Note history and queues will be reset on first run of this version. Hopefully no one cares or notices.
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Re: Tuniac 180313

Post by Harteex »


And I didn't notice before, but nice that there are still XP builds. Will be useful to play around with on ReactOS when sound works better there :)
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