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Tuniac 140531

Post by Brett » Sat May 31, 2014 11:35 am

May, 2014 (140531)
-Add preference to change what MAXFIELD filtering does aka new feature "User defined search". Useful for those that want to add Composer or Album Artist into the main search.
-fix icon sizes
-update icons
-reduce size of first playlistview column
-fix filterby of last column
-check if visual window exists before trying to access it
-prevent included visuals rendering frames after Tuniac closes
-call visual Detach() on close so they can delete their context (fixes "Tuniac process never exits")
-release visual window DC
-add composer field to std_Infomanager and TuniacApp (bump DB version to 0.8, PL to 0.6)
-allow sorting of replaygain, composer and extension fields.
-correct editable/filterable fields
-fix screen offset for filterby menu when listview is horizontally scrolled
-fix saving of selected columns and their sizes (long standing bug at close)

http://sourceforge.net/projects/tuniac/ ... ac/140531/

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Re: Tuniac 140531

Post by jacoby » Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:21 am

Damn you've really been churning out updates lately.

Is there something somewhere to remind us what the 3 different versions are? Cause I never remember.

Keep up the nice work. :)

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Re: Tuniac 140531

Post by Brett » Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:24 am

Is standard 32bit only installer. It is considered standard as it will give the best user experience, eg Sonique VIsual Plugin and all audio plugins, without offering the confusing option of "32bit with everything" or the "64bit which lacks things" where users feel like they should want 64bit but then just end up getting less because of it.
Basically everyone should just use this :)

Tuniac_Setup_140531a(inc 64bit).exe
Includes the 64bit build of Tuniac and will offer it to the user in the installer if the PC is detected to be 64bit capable. It notes that Tuniac 64bit lacks SVP and some audio plugins.
Does not include the "best of" sample of SVP visuals the above installer include.

Has only 32bit build of Tuniac.
Does not include the user guide (which is including in the other 2 installers).
Does not include the "best of" sample of SVP visuals the standard installer includes.
Does not include the ability for the installer to download the prerequisites eg Dirext X XAudio 2.7, Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2013, Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2010 SP1.

inc 64bit only exists for people that really really want 64bit, in reality it only reduces the functionality of Tuniac. For me it exists because it may slightly increase the usable life of Tuniac. Eg if 32bit Windows application support was discontinued. I personally use Tuniac 32bit.

exclude exists because many moons ago Tuniac installer was under 1.4mb and could fit on a floppy disk, this was bother the massive increase in audio format support. exclude tries to keep that minimal spirit alive even though it fails to fit on the 1.44mb floppy . I could remove a lot of the audio plugins and get it under 1.4mb but then some users would install it and think Tuniac sucks because it doesnt play their files. The problem is not immediately apparent and it is unlikely people would come back to find the full installer :)
It is suitable as an "upgrade" to a previous standard installation also, although I would recommend just getting the slightly larger standard installer.

PS. in the past what is now called "inc 64bit" was the standard installer, but I shuffled things back in December 2012. Eg: https://sourceforge.net/projects/tuniac ... ac/121206/

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Re: Tuniac 140531

Post by Sigurd » Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:20 pm

Thanks Brett,

Sterling work!

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