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Re: Obfuscated Shortcut Keys

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:15 am
by vaguely
My laptop doesn't do a numpad, which is stopping me from using tuniac.
Any way we can customise it or get some additional global keys? I have hard keyboard keys for play, skip, etc but tuniac doesn't like them; at least not globally...

Re: Obfuscated Shortcut Keys

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:41 am
by Brett
You could edit and recompile the source with your new hotkeys :)

Another way to attack it could be to install AutoHotKey ( )
And use a script to send command lines to Tuniac.

Tuniac should have added a few things to the registry during install so Windows will find it by just referencing tuniacApp.exe, it should not require the full path to the file.
Tuniac also allows only one instance of itself and will redirect command lines to its existing process, simplifying things.
I myself use commandlines to control Tuniac with my extra mouse buttons.

Below is a script to map winkey+z to skip to previous song hopefully the rest are self explanatory:

#z::Run tuniacApp.exe -prev
#x::Run tuniacApp.exe -togglepause
#c::Run tuniacApp.exe -stop
#v::Run tuniacApp.exe -next
# = Winkey
! = Alt
^ = Control
+ = Shift

Tuniac command line support:

Re: Obfuscated Shortcut Keys

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:52 am
by Brett
For those interested in Logitech mouse control of Tuniac.

Install Uber Options ( ) plus a compatible Logitech SetPoint driver software.
Using the extended options provided by Uber Options set a mouse button to Launch an app and set it to launch tuniacApp.exe -next etc.

Find user.xml. On my Windows 7 64bit OS I found it C:\Users\Brett\AppData\Roaming\Logitech\SetPoint\
Open in text editor such as notepad.
Search and find tuniacApp.exe -next.
Remove the " -next" from Filename and move it to Parameters

For my G5 the forward side button is buton "5"
<Button Number="5" Name="4">
<Param IconLoc="" Type=""/>
<Trigger Class="ButtonPress">
<Param Button="5" FirstRepeatDelay="0" RepeatDelay="0" Silent="0" Type="0"/>
<TriggerState Name="ButtonDownUp" HandlerSet="LaunchProgram">
<Handler Class="FileLauncher">
<Param BrowseType="1" FileName="tuniacApp.exe" LookupPath="0" Name="" Parameters="-next" ShowUIDlg="1" Title="Select Program"/>