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Possible Feature Request

Post by Sigurd »

Love, love, love the program.

I'm terrible with names. Is there a replacement widget for the search window that keeps a user-selectable list of recent searches?

Something more than a blank choice but less than a stored favourite?


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Re: Possible Feature Request

Post by Brett »

As in remember the last 5 searches?
I do not really think that offers much help to that many.

Suggestive auto complete of what you are typing based what the possible results could be is something that sounds somewhat better.
Those suggestions prioritizing suggestions based on previously searched for things also sounds good.
But I also have zero experience in what would be required and do not feel motivated enough to invest the time to add it with the little time I have available.
If anyone else likes writing the idea I would gladly add your code in to the main Tuniac code.

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