Curious - Linux or Android Port?

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Curious - Linux or Android Port?

Post by Sigurd » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:28 pm

This is not a high priority....

I occasionally play with the idea of a music server. Politically, I'd like to do that in Linux or even android - less overhead etc.. etc.... Then I consider losing Tuniac and I rethink everything! :)

What would you do for a music server? What's the earliest version of windows for the current Tuniac?


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Re: Curious - Linux or Android Port?

Post by Brett » Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:43 am

I run a fairly old QNAP TS-219P II NAS running Debian Linux, eg not QNAP standard Linux OS. The Debian install makes the box a lot more flexible with what can be installed.

On the NAS I run Logitech Media Server for my Squeezeboxes. I own Squeezebox Radio, Touch, Classic/V3 and Boom. Previously I have also had a Duet.
I run Minidlna for media playback to TV's etc. Due to limited CPU no transcoding of video can be done, but the Samsung TV's I own have very good media support and Minidlna handles them well also.

I use Samba for Windows shares to share my files, including audio, to all devices including Windows machines running Tuniac.
Eg I have a mapped drive Z:\ which is actually my NAS.
I add Z:\Audio to Tuniac and everything works seamlessly as if those files were on the Windows machine, but thye files are actually on the Linux server.

The NAS also runs Transmission and previously uploaded my cheapo weather station to weather underground until the weather station died of old age :(

My setup is showings its age a bit like Tuniac.
Squeezebox was discontinued a decade ago but Logitech still employ a guy to maintain it all. Local music but also Spotify, Google Music etc are all supported. Squeezebox ecosystem cross supports dlna, Chromecast and airplay etc ecosystems also.
Local files are mostly replaced by streaming services these days but I am too tight to pay for a subscription!
I would like to replace minidlna with Plex but Plex dropped support of the arm cpu I have in the QNAP.
Also I mainly use a desktop PC over my laptop :)

PS Tuniac is unlikely to ever run well on anything but Windows. I think Windows x86 emulation on Mac/Linux can run Tuniac but that was not perfect.
The user interface of Tuniac is written for Windows and it would require a lot of effort to make Tuniac natively support anything but Windows.

Earliest Windows version Tuniac can run on is XP SP3 with the Tuniac XP installer.
Or Vista onwards for the main normal installer.

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